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Insights. Anywhere. Any-time.

The life sciences insights platform making asynchronous engagement accessible for all.

It's about insights

Rumi - it's short for ruminate.

The Rumi 'any-time' collaboration platform drives engagement by allowing participants the time to digest, research, consider and contribute at their convenience, on their preferred device.

This opportunity for in-depth consideration along with a balanced focus across all participants leads to greater contribution outputs, when compared to the 'on the spot' answers required during webinars or in-person meetings.

The Rumi platform can be moderated and tailored with features such as polling, tagging, messaging and document collaboration, all designed to maximise engagement and contributions amongst participants.

Greater engagement coupled with deeper thinking means more accurate insights, which in turn means better outcomes for your initiatives.

It's about value

Live in-person meetings demand significant time, money and resources to execute. Coordinating schedules, booking flights, accommodations, meeting venues etc.

Rumi's 'performance-based' pricing means less time and money organising, enabling you to focus on generating meaningful engagement and insights, resulting in increased tangible value.

It's about time

Less time spent organising, coordinating, booking and scheduling.

More time to focus on generating the questions, content and discussion that matters.

Any-time a participant wants to contribute is fine! Maximum convenience is a driving factor for deeper insight generation.


Any-time Advisory Boards

"Time to ruminate"

Set up and deploy secure, compliant and intuitive Rumi ‘any-time' online advisory boards. Upload resources and questions then invite your thought leaders to join in the discussion.

Moderator tools and activity tracking ensure maximum participant engagement and insights.

Patient Panels

"Nothing about me without me"

The focus on patient-centricity continues to evolve, and many voices seek a platform where they can engage and be heard.

Use Rumi to generate discussion amongst patient cohorts and gain meaningful insights to help guide ideation/refinement of patient support initiatives.

Author's Annex

"Manuscript collaboration"

Rumi allows medical affairs teams, KOLs and other stakeholders to collaborate, co-author and edit manuscripts.

The any-time environment minimises burdensome tooing and froing, plus deadline timers along with live notifications result in reduced times to final sign-off.

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